Small Farms in Puerto Rico Embracing Regenerative Agriculture

As a tropical Archipelago with diverse forests, topography, and land, Puerto Rico should have a thriving agricultural industry. At least three universities and a few technical colleges in this U.S. territory offer degrees in Agriculture. Between its climate and human capital, it would seem like the best scenario for farmers and their products. However, seeing as more than 80 percent of the products consumed locally are imported, the reality is that Puerto Ricans have a long way to go to achieve food sovereignty. 

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Medicinal Cannabis in Puerto Rico Reaches A Standstill

When medical marijuana was legalized in Puerto Rico through a 2015 executive order of former Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s administration, lawmakers and advocates saw it as an economic opportunity for the Archipelago.

Back then, hundreds of citizens decided to get certified, either as patients or as industry professionals. 

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The Promising Model of Teaching In Nature

Bosque Escuela is an experiential learning program set to preserve the forestlands in Puerto Rico by inviting young ones to connect, research and protect their native grounds.

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Water, An Abundant But Endangered Resource in Puerto Rico

Water preservation is considered the best way to help us prepare if and before climate change gets any worse. Though many nations are enforcing certain practices through government efforts and the work of nonprofit organizations, some, like Puerto Rico, lack the programs and funding to make any progress.

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval

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Circular Economy, An Underrated Model for Community Growth


What the world economy would be like after the COVID-19 pandemic is a question many experts are still trying to figure out. Can a current alternative model provide some answers? A look into a circular economy social enterprise in Puerto Rico. 

Special Report by Cristina Ramírez Doval

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