Looking Up to Grandmothers As Catalysts for Cultural Change

2-40 Hawa Balde w grp kids copyAfter three decades of working with several development programs around the world, community health specialist Judi Aubel found there was a missing link preventing long-lasting cultural change: the lack of focus on grandmothers.

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A uniform to save a girl’s education


For most families in Togo, Africa, the cost of school uniforms is too high to pay.

At an estimate of $15 dollars, the garments are not seen as a necessity in this small country, where nearly 70 % of its rural population lives on less than $1.90 per day.

Inspired by a story featured in the bestseller book Half the Sky (2010) on how the provision of school uniforms helped school retention rates, Payton McGriff started brewing a simple business idea: teach girls how to sew their own uniforms so they could always go to school.

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Learning Equality’s open-source model is already connecting a forgotten world

One in three children and youth are out of school or in school but not achieving basic literacy and numeracy. They could be benefitting from a rich variety of open educational resources that exist online, but there’s another problem, over 60 % of the world’s population currently does not have access to internet.

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Falling for girls education in Mozambique

Kurandza’s founders Elisabetta and Percina are committed to giving childhood in this African country a chance to pursue their dreams. With an upcoming social media campaign to be launched on September 1st, they are inviting people around the world to do the same.

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