Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Lead with Purpose

Are you unsure on what sets your soul on fire? Have you lost sense of why you became an entrepreneur? Do you know how to lead effectively by connecting your business vision, mission and core values with your team, clients and tribe’s heart?

In this free webinar I share with you tips on developing clarity on mission, vision, mindset and leader/ship.

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Webinar Gratuito: Qué es el liderazgo femenino y cómo activarlo

Entrepreneur, ¿por qué suprimimos, hombres y mujeres, nuestro femenino en el liderazgo?

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Falling for girls education in Mozambique

Kurandza’s founders Elisabetta and Percina are committed to giving childhood in this African country a chance to pursue their dreams. With an upcoming social media campaign to be launched on September 1st, they are inviting people around the world to do the same.

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