The Conservation of the Choco Andino Region

Since the early 1990’s, many environmentalists have stressed the importance of the Chocó Andino region located in the Pichincha province, northern of Ecuador. Environmental advocates of the UNESCO declared biosphere reserve had been working on its conservation for a few years, launching in 2017  “La Red de Bosques Escuelas” to teach children and local communities about the region’s value.

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval

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Systemic Action Is Needed to Restore Human-Nature Relationship

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The latest report by the WWF seeks to create awareness on how zoonotic diseases like the COVID-19 will continue spreading if we don’t put an end to wildlife and environmental exploitation.

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Designing Travel Experiences For 360° Positive Social Impact

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Female-led boutique agency GOOD Travel is increasingly filling gaps in the tourism industry with eco-friendly and women empowerment thematic trips.

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Redesigning beauty per 50 square meters: TAP brings hope to slums in India

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With 18 pre-schools built since 2006, The Anganwadi Project has excelled at bringing new community-based and climate resilient design models to some of India’s poorest and forgotten communities.

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