Water, An Abundant But Endangered Resource in Puerto Rico

Water preservation is considered the best way to help us prepare if and before climate change gets any worse. Though many nations are enforcing certain practices through government efforts and the work of nonprofit organizations, some, like Puerto Rico, lack the programs and funding to make any progress. Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval

Community Gardens Are A Must for Food Sovereignty

As the COVID-19 pandemic health and economic toll rises worldwide, people are awakening to the harsh reality that, at a certain point, any given country could suffer from a food shortage. It is thus necessary to explore healthy agricultural methods.  Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval 

SVX México, abriendo caminos para las inversiones de impacto

La agencia mexicana, enfocada en programas de asesoría y capacitación, busca generar un cambio sistémico en el que los fondos sean dirigidos a proyectos sustentables y socialmente diversos conscientes de su legado. Por Natalia Bonilla 

Horizontal Collaboration Uplifts Female Artisans in Southern Mexico

On her very first job in San Cristobal de las Casas, Adriana Aguerrebere became involved in social issues pertaining to the residents of this Chiapas town. After learning the needs of artisan women, she launched Impacto, an educational and skills development platform to help them achieve long-lasting economic empowerment. Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval