The Limits of Our Compassion

From the widespread protests in Colombia, US, Palestine, Afghanistan to climate change urgent pleas and disaster emergencies, how are humans valuing each other’s lives?

By Natalia Bonilla

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Rooftop Apiculture: Honey Production in New York City

On World Bee Day 2021, we want to highlight the work of The New York Bee Sanctuary. We spoke with Founder Angell Deer on carrying out sustainable practices for pollinators in one of the world’s megacities.  

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval

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The Power of the Circle (And Why Upgrade To Red Tents)


A couple of months ago I launched a bookclub for my Ser mujer global community on Facebook in an effort to get all members on a similar learning path.

After noticing women were experiencing distrusts issues with one another – even among feminists, entrepreneurs and academics working for the same causes -, I wanted to do something different for this 2020: give the bookclub a yearly calendar.

And which better way to start than talking about why women coming together mattered.

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