Medicinal Cannabis in Puerto Rico Reaches A Standstill

When medical marijuana was legalized in Puerto Rico through a 2015 executive order of former Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s administration, lawmakers and advocates saw it as an economic opportunity for the Archipelago.

Back then, hundreds of citizens decided to get certified, either as patients or as industry professionals. 

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Haiti’s Resilience Inspires Beyond Borders


Our hearts and prayers go out to countries, regions and states whenever they are hit with natural disasters. The term ‘resilient’ is often used to describe those who survive under unfathomable circumstances. Due to their history, Haitians have integrated this word as part of who they are and for a very good reason. 

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval 

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75 Years On, Hiroshima’s Nuclear Legacy Is Still Here


A global virtual tribute will take place this August 6th to help us remember that nuclear weapons and their survivors are…still here.

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Tributo global virtual conmemorará el 75 aniversario de Hiroshima


En alianza con la Ciudad de Hiroshima, el canal estadounidense Midheaven Network transmitirá virtualmente este jueves 6 y domingo 9 de agosto un tributo global para conmemorar el 75 aniversario del bombardeo nuclear a Hiroshima y Nagasaki, Japón.

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