Pollinating the Amazon’s Consciousness On Beekeeping

On this World Bee Day, we want to highlight the work of Meli-Bees. We spoke with Founder Ana Rosa de Lima on reconnecting beekeeping ancestral knowledge practices in Brazil’s Amazon.  

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval

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Tributo global virtual conmemorará el 75 aniversario de Hiroshima


En alianza con la Ciudad de Hiroshima, el canal estadounidense Midheaven Network transmitirá virtualmente este jueves 6 y domingo 9 de agosto un tributo global para conmemorar el 75 aniversario del bombardeo nuclear a Hiroshima y Nagasaki, Japón.

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Systemic Action Is Needed to Restore Human-Nature Relationship

kristy-kravchenko-Ng12EyF84Yw-unsplash (1)

The latest report by the WWF seeks to create awareness on how zoonotic diseases like the COVID-19 will continue spreading if we don’t put an end to wildlife and environmental exploitation.

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