VIDEO. Project Tour: 5 Women Who Changed Mexico’s History

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While females all around the world are leading massive street protests to gain equal rights and eliminate gender violence, there is also a parallel movement of historians and anthropologists seeking to restore collective awareness on the figures who shaped each nation’s history.

In Mexico, MasterPeace is leading a groundbreaking effort to shed light on the stories, voices and legacy of five iconic and inspiring women.

The local organization of the international network is preparing to launch soon via Airbnb the tour: 5 women who changed Mexico’s history.

The goal of the group experience is to invite tourists and local residents to uncover the secrets behind the statues, houses, murals and monuments that cherish or conceal the contribution of: Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, La Malinche, Eulalia Guzman, Aurora Reyes and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.

The richness of the project relies on the intercultural exchange for many topics get addressed throughout three hours, among them: Spanish invasion, colonialism, malinchism, independence, women empowerment, gender inequality, arts for peace and more.

The story of La Malinche, who played a key role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico, is one of the most controversial ones, igniting debates among participants on treason, women’s choices, power dynamics, indigenous discrimination and oppression.

Along the easy to follow tour, one of the top emotive moments includes a visit to Aurora Reyes jaw-dropping murals, hidden in a poorly conditioned small theater.  Reyes was a poet, artist and considered the first feminist muralist in Mexico’s history.

Nevertheless, the grandiose pace of Educator and Visual Artist Verity Wyatt makes walking across several sites in the Historic Center a cohesive adventure full of questions and delight.

For those who want to learn and reimagine the history of these five women, the one told by white Spanish or Mexican men and the one buried in the books (and lingering inquiries of what’s true or not), this project tour is definitely one to add on your bucket list.

Want to join the next tour? For more information, visit www.

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