IWD2020: The Long Road Ahead

IMG_0450 copyWeaving our history as women by hand is powerful.

Yesterday at the International Women’s Day in Mexico City I saw dozens of female collectives using artistry to tell the stories of victims whose names do not appear on newspapers and whose crimes go unpunished the majority of the time.

I saw mothers crying for their daughters, sisters worrying they could be next if there is no significant change in safety, security and women’s rights recognition.

I find important to acknowledge these forms of expressions often overlooked in the beautiful online graphic design world. May we always remember, no matter how much tech savvy we are, the power of a handwritten message, the power of a hand sewn piece of clothing, the power of a hand placed floral arrangement and the power of a name, written with chalk on concrete ground.

I’ve been commemorating March 8th for three years in Mexico City.  And in a controversial political climate nation and worldwide, I just want to say: THANK YOU.

Thank you to all the feminists activists making this their life mission.

Thank you to all social workers, therapists, academics, lawyers advocating for changes in public policy implementation.

Thank you to all the healers I’ve met and interviewed with who are sending light, love and womanhood blessings to this situation.

Thank you to all historians who have taught us all the crimes that keep being repeated throughout time and who invite us to look back so we can honor what those before us fought for and what the road ahead looks like.

In these 3 years since I launched Ser mujer en Latinoamerica documentary map, I’ve learned the biggest freedom to fight for is: The RIGHT to have a CHOICE.

The RIGHT to choose how and what kind of life we want to live: As women, as citizens, as people.

I will be forever grateful to Mexico for teaching me to stand up for me and alongside hundreds of millions of other sisters: 3 billion of them.
IMG_9398 copy

This is #Day11 of the #90DayChallenge for our blog.
With Lumina’s #90DayChallenge we want to provide guidance on the following months with articles, essays and interviews on: female social entrepreneurship, women’s economic empowerment, travel and wellness.
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