The Quest for Gender Equality Should Be A Multi-Level One


Today I gave a keynote conference on Gender Equality and the 2030 Agenda as part of Mujeres en Acción Forum at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City.

It was a pleasure to speak about how the personal is political and, how it shapes the world we live in nowadays International Relations.

As Mexico is joining the countries with feminist foreign policy models and as the UN General Assembly prepares the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration we should ask ourselves 3 questions:

  • Are we seeing gender equality with liberal feminist lens (a.k.a. softer version views approved by ruling hegemonic masculinity perspectives)? Are we seeing gender equality as 50/50 men and women *implicitly-NOT explicitly including people from other gender identities?
  • How different generations of people conceive gender equality? Are baby boomers thinking about equality for all? Are millennials advocating for gender equity because it is better? Are generation X carrying “the burden” to follow or distance themselves from what these other two have agreed upon?
  • Lastly, are we taking ANY responsibility at the personal level on the progressive measures we are demanding the State? I mean, are we practicing seeing each other as equals first in our family, partner, work relationships or… are we too focused on the State structure to guarantee something that, ultimately, needs a personal commitment and a political will?

I’m so grateful for FutureTeam IPN invitation to address your crowd, Mexico is experiencing some tough yet inspiring times.

May we all take tine to see how gendered States are and how the biggest social change starts really from within.

This is #Day8 of the #90DayChallenge for our blog.
With Lumina’s #90DayChallenge we want to provide guidance on the following months with articles, essays and interviews on: female social entrepreneurship, women’s economic empowerment, travel and wellness.

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