Why Your Personal Brand Can Help Your Business Brand


When we are launching a business we often assume the CEO position, becoming one with the new brand. However, by doing so, we are missing a huge growth opportunity.

You need to develop your personal brand.

There is no doubt on the profitability and the connections that will come from developing your personal brand in parallel with your business brand.

I often saw them separate but not anymore.

Everything changed the moment I realized that if a business venture fails (fingers crossed) the only thing I have for sure is where I stand.

Your personal brand is what differentiates you from others in your industry.

Your personal brand can bring more credibility and assets to your business.

Your personal brand allows a close connection to your personal audience.

People buy from people.

This is a world of relationships and emotional connection plays a huge part in how long a personal career or business venture can last.

When building your corporate brand take in consideration how your personal brand is affecting, positively or negatively, your venture’s growth.

In B2B transactions, business brands are seen as more reliable and fixed than personal brands.

Nonetheless, if your personal brand is inconsistent with the behaviors, messaging, image and tone of voice of your business it can certainly be seen as a liability to your potential development.

I can tell you from experience, I had two nonprofits before launching Lumina that had to closed down in a three-years and one-year time. I knew about my personal brand but I never actively thought of growing it for my main focus was making these ventures work.

Once I moved from my home country and started focusing on building my personal brand I was able to notice good expansive opportunities that were aligned to my core values, my passions and what I was able to offer to this world.

When I began my third enterprise, Lumina, I was hesitant for quite some time but wasn’t thinking about dropping what I was already doing with my personal brand.

Caring for my personal brand gave me a power I’ve never fully acknowledged deep inside.

It gave me the solace, the drive, the passion I was needing in moments were sales were slow and business proposals were unanswered.

And you may ask why?

I learned this recently.

The moment you vibrate in your authenticity, the moment you accept yourself fully as you are, the moment you are certain of your mission and your service in life, that moment you stop doubting if any venture, initiative or project will be a failure.

It won’t.

You will make it happen.

Your business should stand alone regardless of whether you continue leading the service or not but if you stay as CEO, building your personal brand is a no-brainer to position yourself as a leader and bring more trust to people who want to hop on board your organization’s mission, service and goals.

This is #Day8 of the #90DayChallenge for our blog.
With Lumina’s #90DayChallenge we want to provide guidance on the following months with articles, essays and interviews on: female social entrepreneurship, women’s economic empowerment, travel and wellness.

If you seek guidance to develop these leadership skills for you or your team, look forward to helping you grow. Schedule a 15 min. commitment free clarity session with me here or write me at: hello@nataliabonilla.org

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