3 ways feminine leadership work


Three key essentials on honoring feminine traits to complement your work as CEO

Regardless of sex, everyone has masculine and feminine energies and all of us can benefit from the power of embracing the feminine.

A feminine leadership is one that reconciles the inner and outer world and connects the person with the “whole”.

It can be employed as a unique style of exerting authority or can be used as a complement to masculine leadership.

Feminine Leadership traits include: empathy, tolerance, long – term vision, vulnerability, sustainability and intuition.

Masculine Leadership traits include: competitiveness, decisiveness, short – term vision, aggressiveness and goal – oriented mindset.

As a business coach and researcher, I have found the greatest leaders of all times do not choose one over the other but rather complement both because feminine and masculine leaderships do not cancel each other out.

They simply form a new way of influencing others to contribute to an enterprise, community or project successful development.

You may ask: how?

There are three keys to understand how feminine leadership works:

  • A feminine leader views management in a horizontal rather than vertical way.
  • A feminine leader knows that, in order to connect and increase social change, Ego walls need to come down, shows vulnerability, welcomes feedback, change and authenticity.
  • A feminine leader recognizes there is power in deconstructing what “powerful” means and opening him/herself up to explore its humanity while trusting in others to achieve business or life goals.

Feminine Leadership teaches us to open up to explore the strength of our perceived “weaknesses” and encourages to reflect upon that masculine leadership style of doing more in order to be more.

Feminine Leadership asks us to explore how full of life, how deserving we already are of everything we want to achieve.

Feminine Leadership invites us to be more in order to work smarter, not harder.

Feminine Leadership guides us to recognize the power of our emotions and to make meaningful not simply many projects.

While masculine leadership may teach us about taking action, moving forward, having determination and the right direction to stay on course in a warrior Mars God mode, influenced by Goddess Venus feminine leadership shows us we can do all that and also truly experience: joy, creativity and flow.

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