#90DayChallenge: Blogging to Find Lumina’s Voice

A couple of days ago was my 31st birthday and it was a bittersweet celebration.
Felt I wanted to change the course of my life radically, make all my dreams happen faster and become this higher version of myself.

Spiritual gurus ask us to embody that futuristic vision today.
Motivational coaches tell us to act for excuses only nurture fears.
So on the 18th I had many wishes and just one certainty: I want to make a living off my passion and I don’t want to hold back.

The relentless pursuit of happiness some call it but for me it is more than that.
It is the relentless cherishing of happiness, whatever makes you happy do more of that.
And it makes me happy to report the world.

It makes me happy to interview people, write stories, rethink the world we live in and open spaces, organize events for others to do so.

It makes me happy to guide other women to follow their own dreams of changing the world, launch their startups successfully and to make a living out of it.

This 31st year of my life I don’t want to live in the shadows no more.

And I want to start finding Lumina’s voice fully without apologies.

So, my new quest will be 90 days of blogging on our website www.luminaretv.com on:
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Wellness
  • Travel
  • And women’s economic empowerment.

This is where I am at: wanting to be real, wanting to engage in real discussions on world’s issues, wanting to highlight and empower women’s positive social impact and wanting to also give importance to self-care.

So, I hope you resonate with this journey and feel welcome to send me your recommendations and inspiring advice along the way.

I may talk and analyze news stories, I may write some essays and op-eds on the reality of women and girls worldwide, I may start owning the power of my voice and I can only hope, with me doing so, to encourage you to do the same.

P.S. If you want to follow womanhood, leadership and world politics issues you can follow my work at http://www.nataliabonilla.org

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