Survey: Female Social Entrepreneurship in 2020

The more I interview female entrepreneurs, the more I see how many answers lie within us and how much potential we have to change the world.

Natalia Bonilla Social Media Graphics - 2020-01-14T153728.492.png

I was often posed with the question: “Why don’t you launch a business coaching tribe?”

Only lately I understood my hesitance for there are so many business tribes out there and I wanted to create something else.

Something more in line with what I believe in.

My experience as a journalist, business consultant and female entrepreneur has taught me that yes training is important, having guidance is essential but what really makes women THRIVE is CONNECTION.

CONNECTION among all of us entrepreneurs and change makers already making a difference in the communities we serve.

I have listened to this call over and over again and I want to seek ways to answer it.

The call is to SHARE, to WEAVE, to CONTRIBUTE: ideas, solutions, projects, campaigns and business ventures:


If you are a female social entrepreneur will greatly appreciate your help in filling this small form and sharing it among your peers who may be interested.

Join the survey here!

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