Rachelle Poitras, Founder of Metanoia

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Championing breast health research and care…the natural way.

After being diagnosed with 12 fibroadenomas and being encouraged to undergo surgery more than once, Rachelle Poitras decided to take charge on her wellbeing the natural way.

The Canadian holistic nutritionist began Metanoia five years ago as a research project. She sought to provide information to other women like her who wanted to dig deeper into their bodies’ physical, emotional and energetic needs.

With time, passion and consistency, her reach spread internationally.

Many women saw in Metanoia not only a carefully curated source of information but a committed community seeking to nurture their relationship with these organs.

Now, Rachelle provides coaching to women worldwide and is preparing to launch a special project this 2020.

A couple of days ago, I interviewed her to learn more about her journey and inspiring work.

What inspired you to start officially Metanoia project?

As someone who is naturally healing 12 fibroadenomas and a large benign phyllodes tumor, I was really frustrated with how little information I could find on holistic breast health. The only solution doctors could provide me with was surgery. But surgery isn’t always the answer. It doesn’t get to the root of why this imbalance showed up in the first place.  I’m a firm believer that whatever imbalances show up in our body, our body can heal it. This is the innate intelligence that lives inside us all. During this journey I’ve studied holistic nutrition, herbalism and have been fascinated by the energetics that the breasts hold.  I wanted to share with women all of the incredible holistic resources that have helped me heal. This is an area of women’s health that is greatly underserved. I wanted to provide women with the knowledge and the tools to take their power back and to empower themselves in their own healing journey.

Why is it called Metanoia? 

Metanoia is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life. This word beautifully encapsulates so many of our healing journeys. Healing means to become whole and often asks us to shed the old self and to step into our higher selves.

During five years of holistic research, what are the top lessons you have learned on breast’s health and care?

  1. The body achieves what the mind believes.
  2. Food is important but it’s not everything.
  3. Self love plays a huge role in healing.
  4. The breasts hold a specific type of energy, that of nurturance. When breasts imbalances appear, this is an opportunity to look at where we aren’t nurturing ourselves. This could be emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.
  5. Be mindful of the skin care and deodorant products you use. The breasts are primarily composed of fatty tissue which soak up heavy metals and chemicals. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body.

In your online journal you talk about the connection between the heart chakra, the liver, the lymph system and more organs to the breasts. Why do you think we do not know/or were slightly taught on these eye-opening connections?

Our western medical system has a very disconnected approach to healing and the human body. That’s why we have all these specialists: cardiologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, etc.  It doesn’t realize or know (due to lack of schooling, old ways of thinking) just how all the systems in our body are truly connected. I believe that there’s a lot of ego that remains. We believe that science has figured it all out. But science is merely a snapshot of where we, humans and society, are in time. As we continue to grow and evolve, so does science and technology.  I believe that’s there a force and energy greater than us all that will never be truly fully measured or understood. That’s what is so wonderful about eastern philosophies like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They’ve known for centuries how our bodies function and the innate intelligence that lies within. And their protocols work to support this intelligence.

What would you recommend women to feel more connected and less ashamed about their breasts shape/health? What are your top tips?

  1. Find women who you identify with and who are comfortable in their bodies no matter how they look. Use them as examples that you don’t need to look a certain way. If you’re unhappy with your breasts, this is simply a program you probably picked up along the way. Reprogram and do your best to love and accept yourself the way you are. And look around. Every woman has different shaped breasts and bodies and they do so much for us. Give thanks for the body that your soul and spirit gets to explore this life with.
  2. Stay away from media that tells you that you need to look a certain way to be considered ‘beautiful’.  Stay away from anything that doesn’t support your highest self.
  3. Find a community of women that loves and supports you.
  4. Watch your self talk and thoughts. Choose them carefully. Your body is listening.
  5. Learn about your body. Get to know yourself. Learn what those symptoms, pains and aches mean. There’s always a root cause.

You provide coaching services on holistic breast health, what is your ultimate goal?

My goal is to provide women with the tools and knowledge to heal themselves. I wish I would have had someone to talk to when I first started my healing journey. It can be incredibly lonely, and scary at times. Things can seem overwhelming and difficult when we don’t understand them. I want women to know that they can and will heal themselves, no matter the imbalance or dis-ease. I want them to know that following their intuition is one of the best things they can do for themselves. I want them to take their power back and to feel empowered and supported.

Finally, how can we support your project in 2020? 

You can support Metanoia by sharing it with women globally. Metanoia isn’t just for women who have imbalances, but for women who are interested in creating health, who want to nurture themselves on a deeper level  and who want to live abundant and healthy lives.

I offer one on-one sessions, I have online courses which I will be creating more of this year, I offer custom holistic breast mask formulas and working on something special to make breast masks easily available to women globally.

You can follow Rachelle on Facebook & Instagram @her_metanoia and visit her journal here: https://hermetanoia.com/

Photo Credit: Rachelle Poitras portrait, taken by Laura Wencker

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