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66137277_10156948521459845_5109920409654919168_o (1)Hi, I’m Natalia, international storyteller, business and communications consultant.

I believe in empowering women through strategic vision and planning.

My work as Holistic Project Manager & Communications consultant for female entrepreneurs has helped impact positively +100k women in 5 countries and 2 languages.

As journalist and project manager, the sum of more than 10 years of work experience in 12 countries has helped me adapt to multiple enterprises, cultures and intercultural entrepreneurs. I also have produced two documentaries and currently producing my third one, Ser mujer en Latinoamerica, on what it means to be a woman in the continent.

In my LinkedIn page here, you can see my professional journey through international media outlets, private companies, regional airlines, NGOs, coaches and international acclaimed authors.

My methods are holistic. Part of my mission is to help you unblock.

I’m a Certified Meditation Teacher, Sacred Sexuality, Reiki and ThetaHealer.

Areas of Work

I offer Clarity Sessions to female visionary leaders and enterprises in different stages.

Abundance Planning Mindset: Unblocking Sessions for Female Visionaries

Vision & Empowerment: Planning Sessions for Female Entrepreneurs – Startups

Visionary Leadership VIP Program: Business Coaching Session for Ready to Scale Ventures

Ready for the next step?

Schedule our 15 min. free clarity call,  let’s grow together here. 



“I am a big believer that coincidences do not exist. After years of looking for the ideal person, I finally found my right hand to help me with my work. I was referred to Natalia by a mutual contact and from the first session we had. I felt she was the right person to help me put in motion many of my ideas with a simple and effective strategic and action plan. We have worked together for more than three months now and I have been able to accomplish many goals I held standby. In little time, Natalia not only has become a pillar to my business growth but also a good friend. I thank God for letting me found her and definitely, recommend her work as it is a totally worthy investment. I definitely recommend her!”

– Ana Mercedes Rueda, Author, Influencer, Angel Therapist


“Natalia is an angel that showed up in my life!
She fully expanded my beliefs for what was possible, for Soul Seed Gathering.
She’s incredibly holistic, intuitive & action orientated.
So in awe of her work, integrating so many different threads of business, media & communications. I genuinely wouldn’t know what I’d do without her at this point!”

– Hannah Ruth Dyson, CEO Soul Seed Gathering


“Natalia Bonilla is a wonderful consultant. She has a gift to organize ideas and questions in a practical manner. I’m pleased with how she takes into account your health and personal time when helping your plan strategically your business and marketing. It is not the same to have a coach that wants to help you sell than one that wants you to grow and Natalia has the ability to give you wings to soar. I was left stunned at how clear and fast the results came in and my sessions where via Skype. If you are seeking to invest in yourself and your business with a good person by your side I recommend you Natalia”.

– Ada Alvarez Conde Ph. D. , Activist & Former Director of Women’s Affairs in th Puerto Rican Senate


“Natalia será siempre luz y vibración de energía transformadora…Fue esta fuerza guerrera que me abrazó. Me ayudó a reconocer y poder ver con mis propios ojos que había una primera puerta la más ancha, en la que pude encontrar muchas otras puertas que no reconocía que existían en mi interior. Me acompañó de la mano para tocar en ellas  y al permitirme adentrarme pude ver un mundo de posibilidades y todo bajo mi control. Mi experiencia fue un puro despertar y un cajón lleno de herramientas que se transforman, evolucionan y estarán conmigo por siempre…”

-Bárbara Cardenal Torres, Puerto Rican Documentary Filmmaker, Environmental Activist


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